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How to change the toner cartridge




Please note your printer may look different from the image in the animation


1. Remove the old toner cartridge from the printer by pulling the blue toner release lever located on the cartridge fully towards the front of the printer. Then lift the right-hand end of the cartridge and draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end and withdraw from the printer.


2. Dispose of the old toner cartridge in the plastic bag that came with the new cartridge. Please see the consumables return for further details.


3. Gently shake the new cartridge from side to side several times to loosen and distribute the toner evenly inside.


4. Remove the wrapping material and peel off the adhesive tape from the underside of the cartridge.


5. Hold the new cartridge by its top centre with the blue lever to the right and lower the cartridge into the printer over the image drum unit from which the old cartridge was removed. Insert the left end of the toner cartridge into the top of the image drum unit pushing it against the spring on the drum unit, then lower the right end of the cartridge down onto the image drum unit.


6. Push the blue lever towards the rear of the printer, this will lock the cartridge into place and release toner into the image drum unit.






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