How do I print through thick and thin?


From transparencies to card - how to print on different media

Get the right look and feel for every job

From the flimsiest paper to the toughest card, your Oki colour printer delivers beautiful results every time. Whether you want to print business cards, nametags or handouts, Oki colour printers can handle a variety of paper and card of different weights and sizes. What's more your printer virtually eliminates paper-jams by measuring the weight of the paper and automatically adjusting its settings.

Do it now1. Choose the appropriate tray (see image above) for the paper or card you would like to use. Print as usual.

2. For card, envelopes or special one-off media, we recommend using the Multi-purpose tray. To select it, simply click the Multi-purpose tray (marked `M') on the image in the driver. Image 12.1.

Print as usual making sure the rear paper tray(6) is open. The page will exit the machine through the rear paper path (5).Image 12.2

Your Oki printer has the answer for print jobs great and small.

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