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Original or Fake?


As part of the normal printing process, all printer products require either replacement ribbon cartridges, inkjet cartridges or toner/drum units.

Designed for precise compatibility with OKI Printing Solutions products, and manufactured to the highest possible standards, only OKI Printing Solutions consumables ensure maximum performance, longevity and ultimate cost-effectiveness. Our ribbon cassettes, inkjet heads, toner and EP cartridges are an integral part of the design of each OKI Printing Solutions printer and fax products, which, combined with other key elements of the product design, deliver optimum durability, reliability and print quality.

The high performance of all our products is the result of extensive research and testing, and enables us to provide comprehensive warranties for all of its products, when used together as recommended.

When a third party consumable is introduced into an OKI Printing Solutions printer or fax, its performance cannot be controlled in accordance with the product's original design, and, as a result, the warranty may be affected. Third party consumables often produce inferior print quality and may damage the equipment.

Counterfeit consumables have a serious impact on computer wholesalers' reputations, as well as creating severe quality and maintenance problems for end users. If a wholesaler has fake consumables in their warehouse, they are likely to suffer financially; damaging their reputation with customers, having goods seized and even facing potential health hazards from the use of incorrect materials.

In the print consumables business, counterfeit can be both imitation packaging and imitation product, and passing off refilled toner or inkjet cartridges as new `original brand' products.

Since 1998, OKI Printing Solutions has been actively promoting awareness of the advantages of using our `Original' consumables. Since 1999, all our ribbon packaging produced by Oki (UK) Limited has incorporated an `original' Oki hologram to denote the authenticity of the product. As a result of the awareness campaign, a significant increase has been noted in the demand for `genuine' high-quality OKI Printing Solutions consumables.

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