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Graphic Pro & Profile Assistant


Graphic Pro enables OKI Printing Solutions printers to perform sophisticated colour matching. This feature stores colour profiles on a printer hard disk drive. After selecting which profile you require, they will be applied to documents during the print process resulting in accurately colour managed printed deliverables.

What does Graphic Pro colour matching do?

Once installed, Graphic Pro can:

• Manage colours from a variety of input devices. For example; monitors, scanners or cameras - aiding the transition from RGB colour to CMYK output.

• Simulate printed colours from other printers.

• Simulate commercial printing press output - by using CMYK ink simulation including SWOP, Euroscale or Japan colour inks which are established offset printing press standards used in America, Europe and Japan

• Manage colours using of third party ICC colour profiles.

Where can you find Graphic Pro Colour Matching?

Go to the 'Print' dialogue box, and click on the 'Properties' tab. Select the 'Color' tab and click on 'Graphic Pro'. If you then select 'Options', you will then be able to use a specific colour profile stored on your printers hard disk drive.

Profile Assistant

OKI Printing Solutions Profile Assistant is an easy-to-use software tool that works in conjunction with Graphic Pro Colour Matching.

What does Profile Assistant do?

This feature allows users to;

• Download and manage ICC Profiles on your printer HDD
• Assign ICC profiles to type. For example, you can configure a profile for use with printer simulation.
• Up to 12 profiles can be stored at any one time, whether they are downloaded or created by the user

The profiles used result in a powerful and sophisticated tool, capable of colour managing between RGB input devices such as scanners or digital cameras and your printer.

Where can you find Profile Assistant?

Profile Assistant comes with every OKI Printing Solutions colour printers and MFP's.

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