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Secure Printing


Worried about printing your Confidential documents on a network printer?  Try using the secure print function so that you can tell the printer to print your documents when you are standing right next to it.

Part A: From your pc

1. From the File menu choose Print - B6200 from the drop down menu -Properties.

2. Under Job Type select Secure print

3. a Secure Print box will now appear

4. Under User ID give the document a name that you will recognise and then under Password select up to a 12 digit pin number that only you will know and remember

5. In the Retrieve Document Name dropdown menu select Auto Retrieve

6. Select Ok, then Ok, then Ok again to print

Part B: At the printer

7. Making sure that the printer has "ready to print" on the display, press the left arrow that says "Secure" and "Proof" next to it.
8. Using the up arrow to scroll select "Secure Print" and then scroll through to find the User ID that you chose to give your document in step 4
9. You will now be prompted to enter your pin that you chose in Step 4. Use the up arrow to select individual numbers and the right arrow to move on to the next number. When you have entered your password press select.
10. Choose from "print and save", "print and delete" or "delete", use the right arrow to scroll through these options and press select to print.

Your document will now print.

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