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Printing reports


Print professional-looking reports, quickly and efficiently

It's a real page-turner

Oki can help make your reports look good from cover to cover.

There's more to a good report than just content. Using your Oki colour printer, you can make sure your reports and presentation documents look and feel professional too.

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Printing double-sided (duplex) - Duplex printing halves the number of sheets printed and gives your presentations a professional finish.

N-Up - N-up allows you to print multiple pages (2 - 16) on a single sheet with each page image reduced in size, but still legible.

Booklet printing-Create smaller, more compact handouts that are easier to read.

Report size - Reducing the resolution of pictures will make little difference to their quality and speed up printing.

Black and White (monochrome) printing- Print colour documents in monochrome to reduce costs, or make a document easier to read for proofing purposes.

Proof and print - Print a single copy of a document for checking before proceeding to print multiple copies.

Confidentiality - Print confidential documents on a networked printer with secure Password access.


Media selection - You can select a different medium for the front cover (e.g. card), giving a more book-like look.

Staple and hole punch- To make your life easier and your reports more finished, C9000 Series printers with the optional finisher attached can complete this finish.

Bind Margin - This reduces the size of the image to be printed and adds a margin for binding the document

Driver settings

PCL Driver - For everyday office documents, we recommend using the PCL driver, and saving your format as a driver setting, so next time you print this type of document everything is already set up for you.

PS Driver - When printing large PDF documents we recommend using the PostScript (PS) driver. This speeds up the file download to the printer and the time it takes to print the document.

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