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OKI Printing Solutions reduces the operating costs for Nike


Nike has invested in new, multifunctional and colour solutions from OKI Printing Solutions for their offices in Norway. Nike expects that the new printers will reduce replacement costs by up to 30% compared to competitor products.

Nike had a large replacement requirement with four collections to be marketed to professional buyers throughout the year. This means that they needed to produce 12-15 different product catalogues every year. Nike produced a total of 80,000 A4-pages in Norway last year.

Requirement for tailor-made solutions

With a large and diverse market, Nike must adapt its catalogues to the various target groups.

Among other things, Nike has all of the country's leading sports chains, such as Gresvig and XXL as clients. They have different information needs and therefore they need their own product catalogues, tailor-made to their requirements.

"We are a large producer and the chains buy from our various product catalogues. Moreover, the shops require specialised information, and we must be able to develop our own special catalogues for running and football in a limited number of samples," says Dag Øynes, IT manager at Nike Norway.

The customers' increased demands and requirements for information make it more costly to 'run' back and forth between the marketing department, the print shop and the clients. In the majority of cases, Nike produces only a single catalogue for a client, so it is obvious that it is not appropriate to outsource the assignment. It is the individual retailers who are responsible for putting together the product range that they wish for their catalogues. They use their own computer program to compile and print their catalogues.

Reduced costs

Having used the OKI Printing Solutions printers for almost 6 months, Dag Øynes from Nike is very satisfied.

"The two printers that have been installed and implemented in the existing network have completed all the tasks that they were set.

When we invested in the new printers, we were given calculations that showed that we could save about 30% on printing costs and after the introductory period, that seems to be true. The thing that keeps the price down is the increased speed, the high quality of the print and the flexibility that the new OKI printers give us." says Øynes.

"I am often asked why I have chosen particular suppliers in various situations. In this case it is the overall impression. We collected offers from a large number of printer suppliers and ended with two, OKI Printing Solutions and one other supplier. But the choice was easy. The offer from OKI Printing Solutions gave us two machines, a traditional colour printer and a combined printer and copy machine, at a lower price than one machine from the competing supplier. OKI Printing Solutions printers also had a far higher level of performance than the competitors. OKI made the choice easy for us by delivering high quality at a really sensible price." Øynes added.

In-House print production

The price of printers has fallen considerably in recent years. At the same time, the quality and the flexibility of both the machines and the software have improved. These days, 'everyone' can have their own print shop at the office. The printout quality combined with sensible prices mean that companies no longer need to have print material made by professional printers. They can do it themselves.

" There is a greater demand now for tailor-made information. We want relevant information. That means that the previous, standardised information such as catalogues, were no longer satisfying the customers' demand for information. All clients are different and that is reflected in their level of information.

We are one of the world's leading actors when it comes to marketing and design in the sports sector. The information requirements that we are faced with today cannot be compared with the requirements of just a few years ago. Our clients expect us to provide them with the information that is relevant for them and not for others. We are all pressed for time and everything has to go faster than before. So, with an 'internal print shop', we can customise the information that we supply our clients far more quickly and efficiently for both parties. OKI's printers are a good choice for us, they are fast and effective. We no longer have a storeroom for material, since every thing can be printed out as required." adds Øynes

About Nike

Nike, Inc. is a world leader in the field of design, marketing and distribution of shoes, cloths, equipment and accessories in a large range of sports and fitness activities. Nike, Inc. was founded in 1972 and has its headquarters in Oregon, USA. The company has about 25,000 employees worldwide and is one of the world's largest companies in the sports sector. Nike has been established in Norway since 1983 and currently has 37 employees at the company's office in Lysaker outside Oslo.

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