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Re-Solv sends strong message via Oki


National charity Re-Solv is dedicated to reducing Volatile Substance Abuse amongst the UK's children.

Using an Oki C9000 digital colour LED printer, the charity has been able to reduce its reliance on costly external print resources and increase its range of information packs and training materials to teachers and social services professionals. In addition to reducing capital investment and cost per copy, the ability to print on demand has reduced the need for large print runs, avoiding wastage of time sensitive material and enabling the charity to more regularly update its material to incorporate new research.


Prevention of Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) continues to be a serious challenge, with more school age children dying as a result of VSA than from illegal substances. Latest figures from St Georges' Hospital Medical School show a slight downturn in deaths in 2000 against 1999, but one person is dying from VSA in the UK every week.

Re-Solv, the Society for the Prevention of Solvent and Volatile Substance Abuse, was founded in 1984 and remains the only national charity solely dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse. It is an independent charity that provides a voice for its 350 members and a platform for effective action, including a number of free services such as telephone help line, web site and information services.

Information provision is a key element of the charity's role. Re-Solv has a library of solvent related reference materials and resources, research papers, reports, books and videos. In addition the charity produces a regular newsletter that provides commentary and information about the latest developments concerning all aspects of solvent and volatile substance abuse and a range of educational training packs for teachers and social workers.

Jon McVey, Deputy Director, Re-Solv, confirms, "We work with both young people and professionals and produce a lot of training materials, particularly for professionals to help them recognise signs of substance abuse."

Cost Control

However the cost of delivering this information has traditionally been a major burden for the organisation which has either had to opt for the high price of external printers - and the associated large print runs - or use an old Inkjet printer internally. With the regular newsletter taking up to two days to print on the Inkjet, a process that required constant attention, the impact on resources was deemed too high.

Says McVey, "Many of our publications have short publication runs, maybe a few hundred, and need to be regularly updated to ensure the information is always pertinent and relevant to the audience. We needed more flexibility in producing in house material to enable broader distribution of tailored information at lower cost."

Leading printer manufacturer Oki donated a C9000 colour printer to Re-Solv to enable the charity to improve its in house printing capabilities and reduce reliance on external printers. Immediately the charity has seen the time taken to print its A3 newsletter reduced to two hours, with a significant improvement in print quality and a reduction in cost per copy.

McVey says, "We are extremely grateful for Oki's support. The C9000 printer is exactly what we need and is making an enormous difference to our efficiency."

Improved Communication

Furthermore, the charity is now using the Oki colour printer to resource more projects in house. "The dramatic improvement in cost and the speed of the printer is enabling Re-Solv to broaden the range and scope of the material we now produce," he says.

The charity produces a manual for teachers called Loaded Gun, which has traditionally been printed externally. Having sold out of the manuals, Re-Solv faced an investment of £5,000 for an outsourced print run of several thousand - any less would have made the cost per copy extortionate - yet it only sells around 400 annually. "Now we will print Loaded Gun copies on the Oki printer when ordered by teachers, completely removing the need for capital investment," he says. "In addition, we can now update the text without making any existing investment redundant."

Re-Solv is also producing a training pack for social services professionals, which will be sent to each of the 150 Social Services departments. Again this will be printed on the Oki, with additional copies produced as and when ordered.

Ease of Use

Re-Solv has also found the printer extremely easy to use, requiring minimal maintenance and offering simple to replace components such as toners. When first installing the printer, the charity turned to the Oki help line to ascertain how best to connect the C9000 to its network. Says McVey, "The help line staff were extremely helpful and were immediately able to identify where we were going wrong."

He concludes, "There is a huge need to raise awareness of the danger of solvent abuse among professional people working with children. The quality of information produced in both content and style is very important for the credibility of the charity and ensuring the message reaches it target. By providing us with the C9000 colour printer, Oki is playing an important role in enabling Re-Solv to broaden the range of educational materials and information communications that are an essential part of the fight to reduce the impact of VSA in this country."

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