Wide carriage 24-pin dot matrix perfect for front desk printing in retail and service industries

  • Flies through up to 6-part forms and reports at print speeds of up to 576 characters per second (cps) for speedier transactions.
  • 24-pins deliver sharper, detailed text.
  • Scalable fonts for superior print quality.
  • Long life ribbon, 13 million characters.
  • 'Clean hands’ ribbon changing ensures no delay, mess or hassle.
  • Low energy consumption in Sleep Mode.

The wide carriage ML5791eco is ideal where fast printing, reliability, versatile paper handling and superior quality text is essential. Whether you are printing invoices, purchase orders, spreadsheets, picking lists, call log slips, tickets, receipts or multi-part documents, the ML5791eco keeps transactions smooth and your customers happy.

Flexible, Eco-friendly and cost effective
The ML5791eco has been developed with eco-friendly technology.  With power consumption of just 1.5w in sleep mode, your running costs and energy consumption are kept to a minimum, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

More paper paths give you flexibility. The three tractor feeding paths handle multi-part forms and continuous paper from either the front, rear or bottom. The two friction feeding paths handle cut-sheets, cards and envelopes from either the front or top.

A selection of pull and push tractors allow permanent stationary loading, for use on demand and handle multi-part and continuous forms more efficiently.