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OKI Printing Solutions Supports Launch of ‘Pompey Double Club Indonesia’


Jakarta, 5th February 2008

Education sports initiative to help improve English language skills

Following an approach by The British Council, which was looking for a sport-based education program to improve English language skills in the Far East, OKI Printing Solutions (OKI) and Portsmouth Football Club have joined forces with Pompey Study Center to expand its 'Pompey Double Club' initiative into Indonesia. 

Pompey Double Club Indonesia, which was launched on 27 November 2007, is to undergo an initial six month trial for 12-13 year-olds in nine schools in Jakarta and Jogjakarta. Subject to the success of the pilot programme, Pompey Double Club may be rolled out to other countries in the Far East, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Japan.

"In addition to football kits provided by Portsmouth Football Club, as part of the program we will supply full printing support, enabling posters and all other themed education materials to fully reflect the Pompey brand," says OKI Printing Solutions' Global Brand General Manager, Tsutomu Miyamoto.

Football incentive

Introduced in 2005, Pompey Double Club is an exciting education program being delivered in secondary schools in the Portsmouth area, using an innovative 'Pompey themed' literacy and numeracy curriculum with the incentive of involvement with football. "It is designed to motivate, inspire and encourage under-achieving pupils, at the same time building their confidence and self-esteem and increase their desire for learning," says Pompey Study Center's Clare Martin.

In Indonesia, as in Portsmouth, in each school children are taught in dedicated classrooms by a designated Double Club teacher. "The 'double' aspect of the program means that children follow their classroom activities with coaching sessions," confirms Martin, "In Indonesia, these are provided by qualified Asia Soccer Academy coaches, led by Lee Hawkins, born and bred in Portsmouth and a life-long Pompey fan."

The selected Muhammediyah schools are part of an Indonesian Muslim-based organisation which runs schools, universities and hospitals and one of whose aims is to build international bridges through language learning.

Common framework

The program incorporates a common assessment framework, based on language ability and footballing skills, including team-building, leadership, attitude, discipline, fair play and respect for opponents and the referee.

"OKI fully supports these positive educational aims," says Miyamoto. "in addition, the culmination of these parallel programs will be a 'grand final' between the winning Double Club teams from Indonesia and Portsmouth at Fratton Park in April 2008."

Longer term, subsequent Double Club finals may take place in the Far East, as Portsmouth Football Club continues to grow its local presence, in part through its participation in the Asia Cup.

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