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OKI Expands Production Scale in China for ATMs and Printers


Oki Electric Shenzhen relocates into new site and holds an opening ceremony

The OKI Group today announced it has relocated Oki Electric Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (OSZ), the Group's ATM and printer manufacturing company in China. Operation at the new site started in January 2007, and today the Group held an opening ceremony at the new location in Baiwangxin Industrial Area, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. As the total floor space expands two-fold, the production scale will dramatically increase and OKI is expecting productivity to increase three-fold.

"We are very excited about this new production site, which has much larger production capacity. OSZ is positioned as an important base for OKI's China business and global business, and we will continue to work together with the people in China to expand OSZ as a large overseas base," said Katsumasa Shinozuka, CEO of Oki Electric Industry. "We will also contribute to the development of China by providing high-quality products based on our advanced technologies."

OSZ was established in July 2001, with volume production of ATMs from October of that year and dot-impact printers from July 2002. It has expanded steadily and in June 2005, OSZ started manufacturing color LED printers in volume to respond to the rapidly increasing global color page printer market. During the fiscal year ending March 2007, OSZ shipped 200 thousand printers and slightly under 20 thousand ATMs including the main units for ATMs.

As OSZ was reaching its production capability limit, OKI decided to move into a new plant, in an industrial park, near the boarder of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It is 30 minutes away from the former location by car, and is close to the highway, maintaining a similar business environment. The new plant is a four-story building with 52,000 square meters of floor space, leaving enough room for future expansion. The security level throughout the plant has been enhanced, using an infra-red system and a 24-hour advanced video surveillance system.

OSZ will increase its production scale, aiming to manufacture 600 thousand printers, 30 thousand ATMs(including main units) a year.

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