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OKI Printing Solutions launches the first Anoto qualified printer


OKI Printing Solutions, the global business printed communications specialist today announced a partnership with Anoto, leading provider of solutions for the transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media.

The first integration project is already underway, with the C5450*, the first colour printer to complete the Anoto Print Qualification Program.

The Anoto solution is essentially that of using a digital pen and paper as an interface to the digital world, as the pen stores everything you write in ink onto its digital memory. The paper is printed with the Anoto dot pattern (it is not visible to the eye but gives the paper a slightly off-white colour) and the pen takes a digital snapshot of anything written on the page. Anoto is the only company that licenses the dot pattern technology.

The Anoto solution is currently being used by more than 100 partners worldwide to help meet the challenge of speeding up communications in industries such as government, healthcare and logistics. For example, doctors issuing drug prescriptions on pre-printed forms produced on a C5450, need only place the pen in the docking station at the end of his/her rounds for the prescriptions to be automatically sent to the pharmacy. This not only hastens the dispensing of medication but reduces the manual flow of paper.

In addition to valuable time savings, the Anoto solution also provides resource and cost savings as users have the flexibility to print forms on demand rather than purchasing pre-printed forms.

Accurate reproduction of the Anoto pattern is paramount for the pen's functionality, which is why OKI Printing Solutions' C5450 was rigorously tested to ensure it met the specific toner and printer requirements. Tests verified that the C5450 is the only printer in its class that has the superior quality to be able to accurately print the Anoto dot pattern at a specified resolution and specification without distorting the pattern by overlaying graphical parts printed in colour. This is thanks to OKI Printing Solutions' market-leading digital LED technology that provides end-users with crisp text and graphics, high resolution and fast printing speeds.

With its flexible paper handling the C5450 also provides businesses with an exceptional A4 colour printer for general office purposes at an affordable price.

Mikihiko Maeno, President and CEO for Oki Data Corporation, is enthusiastic about the new partnership with Anoto. "We are delighted to be working with Anoto and look forward to an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. One of our core values is to provide our customers with products that respond to their specific needs, and we believe that with Anoto we can offer an innovative solution for businesses who are involved in producing documents such as custom forms, medical forms and labels."

Örjan Johansson, CEO of Anoto says: "Creating digital paper with desktop printers is a significant milestone in expanding the use of Anoto based solutions. We are pleased to be working with OKI Printing in what we hope will be the first step in a long and fruitful partnership for our companies. We are confident that together we can add significant value to each other's product offerings, and look forward to making additional strategic announcements over the next 12 months."

OKI Printing Solutions' C5450 printer is available through its regional sales and marketing offices.

* Product names may vary per country

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